jeudi 26 juillet 2012

The Sherwoods - 1969-05-03- Vulcan Gas Company - Austin Texas - Great Psychedelic Garage Band (Wave)

They were a Houston band. After the Vulcan gig, they got a deal with Mercury and cut a single (Ride Baby Ride/No Deposit, No Return), and another
unreleased side (Oddly enough) who may be on one of the Acid Visions thing.The band broke up around 70.

Vocals - Michale Claxton
Drums - John Clary
Rhythm guitar - David Franklin
Lead guitar - Jim Frye
bass - Kenny Blanchet

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john a dit…

thanks for the great music. best of luck in the future

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Sound good..
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Awesome, love it, listenin' now, and rockin' along reeeaaaal nice like.
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Could you please provide new link for Sherwoods?