lundi 18 juin 2012

Sam Apple Pie - East 17 (1973 great uk blues rock - Wave)

Sam Apple Pie recorded their second album East 17 in 1973, with Sam Sampson and Bob Rennie from the first album supported by Andy Johnson and Denny "Pancho" Barnes on guitars, and Lee Baxter Hayes on drums. East 17 is a bit more polished and diverse than their first album but probably lacked a real killer track to get them wider publicity and recognition. Flying is my favourite track reminding me of Wishbone Ash in dual guitar mode. All tracks are worth a listen - exciting and memorable live band who deserved more success than they achieved.

01.Good Time Music
03.Out On The Road
04.Route 66
05.She's The Queen
06. Old Tom
08.Call Me Boss
09.Another Orpheus

Sam "Tomcat" Sampson - Harmonica, Vocals
Bob "Dog" Rennie - Bass
Andy Johnson - Guitar
Denny "Pancho" Barnes - Guitar
Lee Baxter Hayes - Drums


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peraberg a dit…

Thanks for more SAP

Anonyme a dit…

Thought the first album from '69 was great: highly influential to other heavy-blues-based rock bands like Zep. Great guitar/slide playing from "Tinkerbell" and Steve Jolly on that first record! This second album is a lot more commercial sounding--not nearly as good.

MIF a dit…

Thanks for these two albums of Sam Apple Pie, although I had already since the days of "old" PHROCK, but it is nice to see posts of British rock-blues

George S. a dit…

Many thanks for this updated version Silverado.

Anonyme a dit…

Same here, deadlinks. Please repost when you have time. Thanks.