mardi 5 février 2013

Stack Waddy - Stack Waddy (1971 great uk heavy rock with outstanding vocals - Wave)

Stack Waddy's debut album is one of the "must hear" discs of the early 1970s, an uncompromising roar that might cavort through that shell-shocked no man's land that sprawls between Captain Beefheart and the Edgar Broughton Band, but which winds up defiantly beholden to absolutely nothing else you've ever heard — one reason, perhaps, why the group vanished with so little trace.Recorded live in the studio (or thereabouts, Stack Waddy is a blurring blend of brutal band originals and deliciously mauled covers. Beefheart's "Sure Nuff Yes I Do" is an unblinking highlight, while raw takes on "Suzie Q" and "Road Runner" remind us of the group's mid 60s genesis on the Manchester R&B scene. 
There's also a version of Jethro Tull's "Love Story" that comes close to topping the Sensational Alex Harvey Band in terms of lascivious power and ferocity. Certainly John Knail takes no prisoners as he howls his way through and, while Stack Waddy holds back from completely recreating the live band experience (there's no breaking bottles, for a start), still this is one of those few albums that genuinely requires you to wear protective clothing.

01. Roadrunner (McDaniel) 3:26
02. Bring It to Jerome (Green) 5:18
03. Mothballs (Banham, Knail, Revell, Stott) 3:35
04. Sure Nuff 'N' Yes I Do (Bermann, VanVilet) 2:29
05. Love Story (Anderson) 2:19
06. Suzie Q (Broodwater, Hawkins, Lewis) 2:27
07. Country Line Special (Davies) 3:55
08. Rolling Stone (Waters) 3:25
09. Mystic Eyes (Morrison) 6:05
10. Kentucky (Banham, Knail, Revell, Stott) 2:42 

John Knail - Vocals, Harmonica
Steve Revell - Drums
Mick Stott - Guitar
Stuart Banham - Bass


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Anonyme a dit…

Stack Waddy & Sensational Alex Harvey Band are both forebears to bands like The Dictators & Sex Pistols. Stack Waddy's 2nd album from 1972 "Bugger Off!" produced by John Peel is also a "must hear".

Nazareth a dit…

Great album...
Many thanks!!!

Les a dit…

Bought this album in 1972,and it's still one of my all time favorites.
John Knail's vocals were awesome. Pity they never came to Australia.they'd have fitted real well into the Melbourne scene at the time.

Anonyme a dit…

Hey could you upload this one again? many thanks

Anonyme a dit…


could you please re-upp this one and bugger-off again.

ilove this rough music, but it's hard to find.

thanks in advance


Anonyme a dit…


link is working, sorry!