vendredi 20 septembre 2013

Robert Savage Group - 1971-02-19- Swing Auditorium, Orange Show Fairgrounds,San Bernadino, CA - Soundboard - Wave)

Rare and great concert by Robert Savage Group , great sound .....
Many thanks to SIRMick for sharing this gem & rockrarecollectionfetish for the artwork

* There is some occasional feedback but it isn't really distracting.
* There is a small tape problem during "7 Days Drunk", I had to cut out around 3 seconds.

01- Stage announcements/tuning and intro
02- Milk Run
03- Tomorrow's Menu
04- Amy (The Insane)
05- Beaver Run
06- Lonely World
07- The Stumble
08- Don´t Run And Hide
09- 7 Days//Drunk

Robert Savage - guitar, vocals
Don Parish - bass
Tommy Richards - drums
Unknown - keyboards


9 commentaires:

Nazareth a dit…

Мany thanks for this wonderful concert band!

Karl AceModrules Decaux a dit…

Superbe pépite...très rare. MERCI BEAUCOUP

Sir Billy Himalaya a dit…

Often seen the name (RSG) on posters of that era supporting better known artists, but never actually heard them. Slightly rockier version of The Youngbloods maybe, either way an excellent recording, and many thanks for sharing.

Anonyme a dit…

When you download part 2, it is the same 4 songs from the part 1.
could you please fix it.
thanks for sharing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Désolé "Anonymous" après vérification les liens fonctionnent très bien ....

George S. a dit…

Thanks a lot Silverado.

Nelwizard a dit…

Fantastic to find this material, after so long in such good audio quality, this is almost unbelievable! Superb work Silverado, great band, thanks a lot for sharing!

DoKtor Alphonzo a dit…

Find of the year! Wonderful post - thank you

DBM70 a dit…

Been a fan of Bobby Arlin(Robert Savage) for years. This is pricless! Thank you.