lundi 11 février 2013

Link Wray - Stuck In Gear - 1975 - (Great Rock Album - Vinyl Rip - Wave)

Track List
01- Southern Lady
02- Tecolote
03- Quicksand
04- I Know You're Leaving Me Now
05- Did You See The Man
06- Midnight Lover
07- Cottoncandy Apples
08- BoJack
09- Jack The Ripper

There is very little info about this particular album.All i know is it was recorded in the UK and is very hard to find.It's been said it can be found at Ebay for about $4o, I had no luck seeing it there myself.I wish a good record label would re-issue all of Link's 70's & 80's material. I for one think it would be quit profitable.My fav tracks here are funky rocker "Bo Jack" and "Midnight Lover" which could have been a huge FM radio hit had someone actually been paying attention. The guitar solo's in "Midnight"will make many drool especially those of you who dig your 70's classic rock. Until then ...Rock On!

Link Wray : Guitars, Vocals
Ruan O'Lochlainn : Keyboards, alto sax
Freddie Smith : Drums, Percussions
Archie Legget : Bass
Gordon Smith : Steel Guitar 
Roger Brown & Carl Bramwell : Backing Vocals
John Greaves : Bass on "Jack The Ripper"
Charlie Charles : Drums on "Jack The Ripper" 


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