lundi 11 février 2013

Link Wray - Record Plant - Sausalito - CA - September 1974 - Flac

Track Listing
01 DJ Intro / Rumble
02 It Was A Bad Scene
03 Good Time Joe
04 Walkin' Bulldog
05 She's That Kind of Woman
06 Backwoods Preacher Man
07 Unchain My Heart
08 Yo Walk By 

Even if you don’t know who Link Wray is, you’ve probably heard his music. He played a Gibson SG and was the pioneer of distorted rock guitar, influencing countless musicians. “Rumble” was used for the soundtrack for the movie “Pulp Fiction”. Litterally a four chord song, “Rumble” is a powerhouse of  cranked-up sustaining major chords ringing out with full overdrive. All you’ll need to hear is the first three chords :  D... D... A...  and you’ll recognize this classic instrumental tune. - Sidewindersf
Link mentions that John Cipollina is there in the studio during the broadcast.


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