Thursday, February 14, 2013

John Cipollina & Raven - Live Keystone Berkeley Ca - 1976-07-16

Track Listing
01- Mystery To Me
02- Burning Corte Madera
03- Razorblades & Rattlesnakes
04- Grass Is Allways Greener
05- Band Intro
06- Unvicious Circle
07- Prayers
08- True Golden Touch
09- The Truth
10- Rock & Roll Nurse
11- Clouds
12- Diabolic Preasure
13- Oxblood
14- Chatter
15- Bad News

Line Up
John Cipollina - Guitar
Greg Douglass - Guitar
David Weber - Drums
Skip Olsen - Bass Guitar
Jim McPherson - Keyboards & Vocals
Hutch Hutchinson - Vocals & Synthesizer
Andy Kirby - Drums

Rare audience tracks by John Cipollina & Raven . In fact there's a lot of Copperhead musicians
with the add of another great guitar player ...Mr Greg Douglass ...



drogos said...

Always gem at you. I don't which one to take, Cipollina, Spirit, Barry Melton. I think I won't hesitate long to take them all. Many thanks for sharing and keeping this blog alive.
Nest regards from the French West Coast, which doesn't rock like yours.

Nazareth said...

Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

just found your site and i am in heaven. it seems many links are broken. do you want to be notified? or do you work through them on a schedule. can't get raven live started for example.

thank you so much for what you are sharing.

Anonymous said...

I would also like to hear this one. Links are down.

Thanks for all the other great stuff.

And for keeping Cippolina's flame burning.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for kindly reposting the links. I have a depressed friend who will be cheered to hear this.

Anonymous said...

If you want to download this you can get it here.