vendredi 22 février 2013

The Doobie Brothers - Ultrasonic Studios West Hempstead, NY - 1973-05-31

Tracks listing
01.South City Midnight Lady
03.Clear as the Driven Snow
04.Long Train Running
05.Listen to the Music
06.China Grove
07.Rockin' Down the Highway
10.Jesus is Just Alright>Disciple
12.Without You (custom fade out starting at 6:35, recorder runs out of tape before end)
13.Natural Thing (Bonus: Live on Midnight Special - source unknown, audio from mono TV/radio broadcast, date unknown)

This is far and away the best sounding and most well-performed show (circulating) by the original lineup. IMO, these performances show the band at it's peak as a "hard-rock" act. Those only familiar with the relatively tame studio versions of these songs will be surprised/shocked at volume and intensity of these live-in-studio (with small crowd) performances. WARNING: This is not soul/jazz/pop music. This has no association whatsoever with anything by Steely Dan or Michael McDonald. This is pure hard guitar rock. IMO, this is easily the best bootleg ever made featuring the "REAL" line-up!

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kobilica a dit…

Many thanks"SILVERADO"great performens from that great period of rock...

Laurent a dit…

Many Thanks Silverado for this two great Doobie Brothers Live performances. I'm a great fan of this band (early period of course), and it is sad that there is no official live recordings of this period, because here we have the proof that they were HOT FIRE!!! in concert.

apf a dit…

Thank you!

Doccus Rockus Maximus a dit…

I'm dying to hear this.. I've always been a great fan of the original lineup, being a guitarist myself..
Sadly, however, the only live copy of this period i had so far, was their appearance on 'Don Kirshner's rock concert' or that other one that ran about the same time.. I only know it was 1973 during the 'Captain and Me ' tour.. when they were at their peak..
My copy was recorded off of the TV so natch the sound kind of sucked.. but the playing was so good I've kept it for almost 40 years.. I was in a band at the time doing lots of Doobies covers too (at my insistence!!).. mostly from 'Vices' and 'Captain'...
Thanks a lot!!

zippy a dit…

Thank you--a fantastic concert!

CK a dit…

Link is dead. Any chance for a re-up? Would love to hear this. Regardless, thank you for all the rest of the great shows you have posted. Loved the John Cipollina, Man and so many other stuff. Wish I had found your blog a year earlier.

CK a dit…

Wow! Thanks! Downloading right now.