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Eric Burdon – The Unreleased Eric Burdon Vol 1 (Recorded During The 70's - Great Classic Rock - Wave)

All songs contained on this CD have never been released in the versions that appear here. Part of this version of "Crawling Kingsnake" were used throughout the "Comeback" film and have appeared in a much edited version on various albums. This 10 minute plus extended version is the first time one can hear the actual studio session as it was recorded. For more information see booklet !! A must have for the fan and/or collector !!

All tracks except "Heart Attack"
Eric Burdon - vocals
Snuffy Walden - guitar
Terry Wilson - bass
Tony Braunagle - drums
Bobby Martin, Rosa King - saxes
Ronnie Barron, Bobby Martin, Michael Ruff - keyboards
Bobby Martin - Harmonica
Kynn Carey, Debbi Neal, Lisa Scott, Kate Markowitz - backing vocals

Personnel on "Heart Attack"
Eric Burdon -vocals
Pat Couchois - guitar
John Sterling - rhythm guitar
Howard Messer - bass
Chris Couchois – drums

Tracks list:
01. Crawling King Snake (unreleased extended studio version)
02. The Road (unreleased studio version)
03. Power Company (unreleased studio version)
04. Heart Attack (unreleased live)
05. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (unreleased live)
06. Boom Boom (unreleased live)
07. Don't Bring Me Down (unreleased live)
08. It Hurts Me Too (unreleased live)
09. No More Elmore (unreleased live)
10. I'm Crying (unreleased live)

Produced by John Sterling and Snuffy Walden


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