jeudi 5 juillet 2012

Rockets - Live Rockets - 1983 (Vinyl rip - wave)

The last record by Rockets in 1983 . A great live album hard to find ....
Vinyl rip & scans by myself ...
Enjoy !!!

Jim McCarty - Guitar, Background Vocals
John "Bee" Badanjek - Drums, Background Vocals
David Gilbert - Lead Vocals
Donnie Backus - Keyboards, Synthesizer, Background Vocals
Bobby Neil Harrelson - Bass
Chuck Perraut - Sax
Shaun Murphy - Background Vocals
Suzi Jennings - Background Vocals
Mary Kay Lalla - Background Vocals

Recorded at the Royal Oak Music Theatre near Detroit

01- Rollin' By The Record Machine
02- Desire
03- Can't Sleep
04- Sally Can't Dance
05- Takin' It Back
06- Open The Door To Your Heart
07- Oh Well
08- Turn Up The Radio
09- Born In Detroit


14 commentaires:

Ray a dit…

Excellent live album ! I will play it again and again these next days; too bad this is not a double live !
Thank you for it.
I would be happy to see a repost : Buck Dharma Archives; two years ago, the links on your blog were dead to my big disappointment ! If you can do something about it one day...

Anonyme a dit…

Rock on with your bad self!!

kobilica a dit…

Many thanks for this great band.Jim is one of the best guitarists...

SlipperyBob a dit…

Nice post! I was lucky enough to see them live, so I appreciate you sharing their live album.

Can you provide any information on the equipment used in ripping this?

onanboy a dit…

Saw them live at the Jackson County Fair. A piss poor place to play but the Rockets delivered. The Look opened up.

Thanks for the sharing. This is rare.

Sergey a dit…

Excellent! thank you very much. Great band.

Mochastout a dit…

Oh my God!!!! Thank you, I have been looking for this for sooooo long... I had the cassette back in the day and this is a treasure! One of the greatest live bands from the Motor City!!!

Anonyme a dit…

Please…Please Re-Upload! Thanks!!

Anonyme a dit…

Would you please put up new links for the Rockets material listed on your site. It would certainly be much appreciated, I'm sure.


becks dark a dit…

Thank you very much

Anonyme a dit…

Killer Stuff!!

Big Thanks!!!

Anonyme a dit…

I've been trying to get this recording for a long time and your link is still not working. Can you please fix it.
Thank you

Anonyme a dit…

Please would like a reuplaod of this. The only thing by The Rockets I have yet to get.

Anonyme a dit…

Hey theres no probl& no need to reupload
I did just load it down ,so da link is still work