Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rockets - Live Rockets - 1983 (Vinyl rip - wave)

The last record by Rockets in 1983 . A great live album hard to find ....
Vinyl rip & scans by myself ...
Enjoy !!!

Jim McCarty - Guitar, Background Vocals
John "Bee" Badanjek - Drums, Background Vocals
David Gilbert - Lead Vocals
Donnie Backus - Keyboards, Synthesizer, Background Vocals
Bobby Neil Harrelson - Bass
Chuck Perraut - Sax
Shaun Murphy - Background Vocals
Suzi Jennings - Background Vocals
Mary Kay Lalla - Background Vocals

Recorded at the Royal Oak Music Theatre near Detroit

01- Rollin' By The Record Machine
02- Desire
03- Can't Sleep
04- Sally Can't Dance
05- Takin' It Back
06- Open The Door To Your Heart
07- Oh Well
08- Turn Up The Radio
09- Born In Detroit



Ray said...

Excellent live album ! I will play it again and again these next days; too bad this is not a double live !
Thank you for it.
I would be happy to see a repost : Buck Dharma Archives; two years ago, the links on your blog were dead to my big disappointment ! If you can do something about it one day...

Anonymous said...

Rock on with your bad self!!

kobilica said...

Many thanks for this great band.Jim is one of the best guitarists...

SlipperyBob said...

Nice post! I was lucky enough to see them live, so I appreciate you sharing their live album.

Can you provide any information on the equipment used in ripping this?

onanboy said...

Saw them live at the Jackson County Fair. A piss poor place to play but the Rockets delivered. The Look opened up.

Thanks for the sharing. This is rare.

Sergey said...

Excellent! thank you very much. Great band.

Mochastout said...

Oh my God!!!! Thank you, I have been looking for this for sooooo long... I had the cassette back in the day and this is a treasure! One of the greatest live bands from the Motor City!!!

Anonymous said...

Please…Please Re-Upload! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Would you please put up new links for the Rockets material listed on your site. It would certainly be much appreciated, I'm sure.


becks dark said...

Thank you very much

Anonymous said...

Killer Stuff!!

Big Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to get this recording for a long time and your link is still not working. Can you please fix it.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Please would like a reuplaod of this. The only thing by The Rockets I have yet to get.

Anonymous said...

Hey theres no probl& no need to reupload
I did just load it down ,so da link is still work