mardi 8 mars 2011

Fish & Chip - The Saloon - San Francisco - 1984-08-03

Barry "The Fish" Melton (Country Joe & The Fish) Guitar/Vocals
John "Chip" Cipollina ( Quicksilver) Guitar/Fangs/Vocals
Peter Albin (Big Brother) Bass/Vocals
Spencer Drydan (Jefferson Airplane) Drums

The Saloon is a very small place, but it's here that John Cipollina gave us a part of his best solos .
Enjoy !!!

Links in Flac
Cd 01
Cd 02

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Anonyme a dit…

They sure keep on coming and yet another one that I have never heard. Thanks again. Novato Frank was great by the way.

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks. These JC shows are great! Any plans for any rare Quicksilver Shows?!?

Eric a dit…
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Eric a dit…
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Eric a dit…

Hey Silverado,If you would be so kind to include our blog in your listing (Eric & Val) We shall return the favor.

Between Hell And Heaven

Eric a dit…

Thanks for the listing Silverado,we'll get you up on ours as well.

You can just list as:
Between Hell And Heaven if it's not too much trouble.

nasty52 a dit…

Absolutely awesome thanks

Land of the Sun a dit…

Thanks for this show. Just noticed all the Chip here. Where to start from with these is a real good dilemma to have. Thanks again.

ayresrio a dit…

Very very good your blog!!!