Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fish & Chip - The Saloon - San Francisco - 1984-08-03

Barry "The Fish" Melton (Country Joe & The Fish) Guitar/Vocals
John "Chip" Cipollina ( Quicksilver) Guitar/Fangs/Vocals
Peter Albin (Big Brother) Bass/Vocals
Spencer Drydan (Jefferson Airplane) Drums

The Saloon is a very small place, but it's here that John Cipollina gave us a part of his best solos .
Enjoy !!!

Links in Flac
Cd 01
Cd 02


Anonymous said...

They sure keep on coming and yet another one that I have never heard. Thanks again. Novato Frank was great by the way.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. These JC shows are great! Any plans for any rare Quicksilver Shows?!?

Eric said...
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Eric said...
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Eric said...

Hey Silverado,If you would be so kind to include our blog in your listing (Eric & Val) We shall return the favor.

Between Hell And Heaven

Eric said...

Thanks for the listing Silverado,we'll get you up on ours as well.

You can just list as:
Between Hell And Heaven if it's not too much trouble.

nasty52 said...

Absolutely awesome thanks

indiffer said...

Thanks for this show. Just noticed all the Chip here. Where to start from with these is a real good dilemma to have. Thanks again.

ayresrio said...

Very very good your blog!!!