lundi 14 mars 2011

Cactus - BB Kings NYC - 2010-04-10

Disc 1 ( 75:43 )
01: Intro
02: Let Me Swim
03: Long Tall Sally
04: Sweet Sixteen
05: One Way Or Another
06: Bro Bill
07: Cactus Music
08: Alaska
09: Muscle And Soul
10: Oleo
11: Name Of The Game
12: The Groover

Disc 2 ( 37:53 )
01: Evil
02: Bad Mother Boogie
03: Parchman Farm
04: Encore: Rock N'Roll Children

The Band:
Jimmy Kunes: Vocals
Jim McCarty: Guitar
Elliot Dean: Bass
Carmine Appice: Drums
Randy Pratt: Harmonica
Paul Gifford: Back-Up Vocals
Link in Flac
Mp3 320k

5 commentaires:

Eric a dit…

Hi Silverado, thanks very much for changing our listing to it's correct title.
Between Hell And Heaven

As I said Hemels is the URL.


Anonyme a dit…

sorry friend this is not a good live.too many usuall strings in my opinion.
can old guys rock?

Eric a dit…

My buddy Joe caught Cactus at B.B.Kings the first time they played there.
And as a long time fan of the band (like myself) and Jim McCarty he said they were dynamite!

The new singer does a great job, ( he was prev. in Savoy Brown founder/leaders 80's band "Simmonds".

Afterwards my buddy hungout a little with the band,as he's a collector like me he got a bunch of his things signed.

So to answer the question "Can old guys rock"?

It's a no brainer, these guys our legendary players.
Hell Led Zep opened for Vanilla Fudge early on.
Bonham based his whole overall drum sound (the heavy bottom etc) on Apicce's sound/style.
How many bass players did Tim Bogert influence?
Too many to name :P
Van Halen has even namechecked these guys as an influence.

All these so-called "orig." bands are just poor copies of the architechs of the genre imo.

I'll take Jim McCarty and company at this stage in their lives over many of these youngsters who wish they could perform on the level they do.

Anonyme a dit…

Bad audio recording!!

DSB a dit…

Oh hell yeah, Cactus had thorns! Saw them in Savannah right after the original singer left, and they kinda stumbled a bit, but the guitar was perfect and the crowd ate it up. It was the first indoor rock show in Savannah, with PotLiquor and Bloodrock as warmups. And that's "Parchman Farm," not parchment. It was a horrible jail/death camp.