lundi 26 avril 2010

Mitch Ryder Band With Special Guest Willy DeVille - Lone Star Café - New York City - July 30th 1986

In Memory of Willy DeVille (1953-2009)
First set:
01 ---q&a---
02. little latin lupe lu
03. when you were mine
04. b.i.g.t.i.m.e.
05. jenny take a ride...
06. it ain't easy07. rock and roll
08. bow wow wow wow
09. where's the next one coming from
10. devil with the blue dress...
11. heart of stone
12. not fade away

Second set:
01. walkin' the dog
02. take me to the river
03. i got you (i feel good)
04. bring it on home (duet w/ Willy)
05. the thrill of it all
06. war07. soul kitchen
08. liberty
Mitch Ryder - vocals, tambourine, cowbell
Robert Gillespie - guitar, vocals
Joe Gutc - guitar, vocals
Billy Csernits - keys, vocals
Mark Gougeon - bass, vocals
Wilson Owens - drums
Willy DeVille - slide guitar, vocals (2nd set)

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

thanks for the mitch ryder. i'm mostly interested in the willy performance but unfortunately all the second dl is corrupt. can you please check it
greetings from germany

Mikey a dit…

Heard this one on a bootleg...Outstanding show and the Two legends had some fun before the song with trying to get more on the mic than the other///wish Willy would have been on more songs with Mitch to see how his chops matched up..

Anonyme a dit…

hello, links are dead. will these be updated again???

I'm looking for any available Mitch Ryder gigs?

Greetings from Switzerland