dimanche 23 février 2014

Dschinn - Dschinn (1972 Great German Psych Hard Rock - Wave)

Sole and rare 1972 release from this German band given the high quality Second Battle Treatment. The cover is a great Salvador Dali pastiche, whilst the music inside is powerful heavy rock with some excellent lead guitar riffs and classic hard rock vocals. The CD contains outtakes and a whole bunch of pre - Dschinn tracks.
The Dschinn record had a very convincing Dali plagiate painting on its sleeve, courtesy of one Klaus Holitzka. I can reveal that the music isn't as surrealistic as the sleeve would imply, it's a quite conventional type of hard rock. This is not meant as a criticism, though - it is a great album! The lack of originality is nonchalantly replaced by sheer power, both in the music and the vocals. They wrote all nine tracks together, except for the cover version of "For Your Love". It was recorded at Tonstudio Mitte, Bremen and produced by Rolf Jenzen, a character unknown to me. Sadly this one album is their sole legacy, apart from a track on the 1973 sampler Mama Rock & The Sons Of Rock'n'Roll (Bacillus BLS 5526; 2nd edition BAC 2025), named "Rock'n'Roll Dschinny". Not even a single was lifted from their eponymous album and the group disappeared without trace.(From Chris Goes Rock)

01 - Freedom - 4.47
02 - Fortune - 4.56
03 - I'm In Love - 4.45
04 - Train - 4.55
05 - Let's Go Together - 3.10
06 - Smile Of The Devil - 4.23
07 - I Wanna Know - 3.34
08 - Are You Ready - 4.02
09 - For Your Love - 4.12
10 - Rock'N'Roll Dschinny - 3.09
11 - Hear What I Say (The Dischas) - 2.53
12 - Come On Come Back (The Dischas) - 2.31
13 - Let's Go Together (The Dischas) - 2.18
14 - Never, Never (The Dischas) - 2.52
15 - Take Me Back (The Dischas) - 3.27
16 - Hurry Up (The Dischas) - 3.39
17 - Woman (The Dischas) - 2.26
18 - (The Dischas) - 2.20
19 - Can't You See (Outtake) - 3.10
20 - Give Me A Little Love (Outtake) - 2.58
21 - Day After Day (Outtake) - 2.43

Bernd Capito (Capo) : Lead Guitar, Vocals
Peter Lorenz (Eddy) : Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Silvio Verfurth : Bass Guitar, Vocals
Athanasios Paltoglou (Jacky) : Drums & Percussion
Uli Mund : Drums & Percussion


dimanche 2 février 2014

Third World War - Third World War II (1971 uk hard rock, blues rock and heavy blues - Repertoire records edition - Flac)

Much like their American counterparts Mc5, Third World War were a heavily politicized band from England who made their mark playing heavy rock songs with an overtly left-wing political agenda. They were well known amongst the London Underground scene, playing free concerts with the likes of Arthur Brown, the Pink Fairies, and the wonderfully eccentric Viv Stanshall (before he formed the infamous Bonzo Dog Band).
Their songs focus on the poor, disenfranchised, the uneducated; on rebels, Hells Angels, and semi-skilled laborers fighting for their freedom. The music could at moments be sensitive, but was more often than not a raw, "punk" sound.
This lp, their 2nd (and last), dates from 1972, and musically is a more complete album than their self-titled debut. There are some excellent bluesy numbers, mainly "Coshing Old Lady," (their tribute to Hells Angels), mellow ones such as "Factory Canteen Mews," which offers excellent guitar work by Terry Stamp. Mainly, the lp is heavy rock numbers, such as "Yoko," "Urban Rock," "Rat Crawl," and their classic numbers- "I'd Rather Cut Cane for Castro," and the brilliant "Hammersmith Guerrilla," with very political lyrics such as:

"Get yer arse down to Hammersmith town; Join the urban guerrillas Take up arms against the crown; Don't talk about wrong and right, Get out and fight!"
Pretty heady stuff.
Their 2 lps are wonderful listening, and fans of the "Kick Out the Jams" era Mc5 will find Third World War (the name says it all) as kindred spirits- and even more political!
An exceptional cd well worth getting!(By Sean M. Kelly)

1. Yobo
2. Urban Rock
3. Coshing Old Lady Blues
4. Rat Crawl
5. Id Rather Cut Cane For Castro
6. Factory Canteen News
7. Hammersmith Guerrilla

Terry Stamp - Guitar, Vocals
Mick Lieber - Guitar
Peter Martin - Guitar
Tony Ashton - Keyboards
Jim Avery - Bass
Fred Smith - Drums
Bobby Keys - Saxophone
Jim Price - Horn
Wingy - Harmonica
Neemoi Acquaye - Percussion