samedi 18 janvier 2014

Randy California (Kaptain Kopter & The Fabulous Twirly Birds) - KPFK Radio, Los Angeles 1972 - Flac

This post is dedicated to the memory of my friend Patrice "Cipcal" who left this world October 5th 2013 and  was one of the greatest fan of Randy California & John Cipollina . No doubt he has joined them on the banks of the "Time Coast"....

01. I Don't Want Nobody 
02. Devil (some minor FM interference distortion for some seconds)
03. Shotgun
04. Melting Into The Furniture
05. Walking The Dog
06. Happy
07. You Just Don't Care (1 mini drop at the end)
08. High Heeled Sneakers
09. Downer

Randy California : Guitar, Vocals
Ed Cassidy : Drums
Larry "Fuzzy" Knight : Bass Guitar


4 commentaires:

Doron Barness a dit…

I love Spirit. Can you elaborate on this album?
What is it in terms of style?


Timmy a dit…

In terms of style, it is Spirit. In the spirit of Spirit, Amen.

becks dark a dit…

Sad to hear about the loss of Cipcal.I did not know him but I could feel his spirit. I'm sure he is digging on Randy California right about now. RIP Patrice.

Anonyme a dit…

if you like Randy and Spirit sign the petition to help get Spirit into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame