Saturday, September 21, 2013

Rockets With Jim McCarty - (Great Us Rock - Live At JB'S Mt Clemens 1978 - Cobo Arena Detroit 1979-12-31 - Wave)

JB's Mt Clemens 1978
101- Sweet Rock & Roll
102- Messin...
103- Lookin' For Love
104- Fast Thing In Detroit
105- Can't Sleep
106- Blues
107- Love Me Once Again
201- Takin'It
202- Ramona
203- She's A Pretty One
204- Carol
205- Love Transfusion

Cobo Arena Detroit 1979
206- I Can't Just Stop Cryin'
207- Ramona
208- Love Transfusion
209- She's A Pretty One
210- Oh Well

About Cobo Arena Detroit 1979 : This is not the complete show, this is the most listenable portion of a tape I recorded from the radio. Approximately the first 15 minutes and the last 30 minutes are not included.



Sarantos Melogia said...

This Track lists are got the great response from audition's and its variety of rock music

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to get this cd or the audio from this Rocket's concert? Please email if available