samedi 13 avril 2013

Bachman Turner Overdrive - Bachman Turner Overdrive II (1973 great canadian heavy rock - Wave)

Bachman Turner Overdrive was a muscular boogie band from canada, both musically and literally (frontmen Randy Bachman and Fred Turner could have played line for any number of football teams! )this album marked the band's commercial breakthrough with the monster hit "Takin' care of business" (still heard regularly on office depot commercials) and minor hits "Let it ride" and "Welcome home." the sound is hard rock from start to finish, but not as metallic as the next effort 'not fragile' would be. the boogie is still here (eg., "business" and "tramp"), as well as a glimpse of mr. Bachman's jazz chops (check out the end of "welcome home," an almost completely different song as the band gets into a brubeck groove), as was "Blue collar" from their first album. this album captures the live feel, not far removed from the bar room. no studio gimmicks, no subtlety, just power chords and hard rock joy! (By P Dizzle)

01- "Blown" (R. Bachman, T. Bachman) – 4:18 - (vocals: T. Bachman)
02- "Welcome Home" (R. Bachman) – 5:29 - (vocals: R. Bachman)
03- "Stonegates" (Turner) – 5:35 - (vocals: Turner)
04- "Let It Ride" (R. Bachman, Turner) – 4:27 - (vocals: Turner)
05- "Give It Time" (Turner) – 5:44 - (vocals: Turner)
06- "Tramp" (R. Bachman, T. Bachman) – 4:02 - (vocals: R. Bachman)
07- "I Don't Have to Hide" (T. Bachman) – 4:22 - (vocals: T. Bachman)
08- "Takin' Care of Business" (R. Bachman) – 4:50 - (vocals: R. Bachman)

Randy Bachman - guitar, vocals
Robbie Bachman - percussion, drums
Tim Bachman - guitar, vocals
Fred Turner - bass, vocals
Norman Durkee - piano on "Takin' Care of Business"


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