jeudi 1 novembre 2012

Mitch Ryder & Engerling - The old Man Springs A Boner (2002 Great Live Album - Wave)

Mitch Ryder had his first successes with the Band "Detroit Wheels" in the 1960s. He managed to tour in Germany frequently with some guitarists from the USA. This way he was able to build a fanbase in Germany together with "Engerling" from eastern Germany. The recordings of this live-concert perfectly carries the voice of Mitch Ryder to the ear of the listener.

01. War
02. Terrorist
03. Freezin' In Hell
04. Ain't Nobody White
05. Heart Of Stone
06. Wicked Messenger
07. Red Scar Eyes
08. True Love
09. Gimme Shelter
10. Soulkitchen

Mitch Ryder - Vocals
Boddi Bodag - Keyboards
Heiner Witte - Guitar
Robert Gillespie - Guitar
Manne Pokrandt - Bass
Vincent Brisach - Drums 


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