Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Spirit - Electric Ballroom - Dallas - Texas - June 20th 1975

Randy California - Guitar - Vocals
Ed Cassidy - Drums
Barry Keene - Bass
John Locke - Keyboards

Tracks Listing
1. Veruska
2. Nature's Way
3. Like A Rolling Stone
4. Dallas Electro Jam > Mr. Skin
5. Guide Me
6. Victim Of Society
7. Downer > Stone Free
8. Joker On The Run
9. My Imagination
10. All Along The Watchtower
11. It's All The Same > I Got A Line On You

Probably FM, thanks to Fabio (Aka 38f) the original seeder ....


Anonymous said...

when ni info is that mean 'audience' as the one before....'75 is a good year for 'spirit' music, check the 'Troubadour, West Hollywood CA 1975-12-06'

zubbid said...

Thanks for both of these Spirit shows - it's always a pleasure to see a fresh one posted here.

For me, at least, the mirrorcreator page for this show never loads up any links. The links for the other show loaded without incident.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the share but no links coming up with mirrorcreator?

Paul said...

Ditto re lack of links appearing - shame as it looks like a good show.


Situation corrected, new link fixed ...

wcpaeb said...

THANKS for correcting this one and reupping it to FLAC from your earlier MP3.

Any chance of reupping in FLAC the dead MP3 link for the Spirit Seattle 71 show?