dimanche 22 juillet 2012

Savoy Brown - Havana - New Hope PA - July 22th 2011 (Wave)

Great concert with two Legends : Kim Simmonds & Mark Doyle (Jukin' Bone, Free Will, Doyle Whiting Band) ....
Great show as always by our hero and his traveling companions. Similar setlist to the excellent shows posted by analog4011 and fubb (thanks again guys), but hi, NO Hellbound Train OR Tell Mama and YES Louisiana Blues## and Jack The Toad@@!! Skipping Tell Mama, brave move, but nobody seemed to mind. Kim came out of the gates all over the stage and cranking out the power chords. He even clammed it up once or twice amidst his enthusiasm (and joked about it later). Kim caught fire during the solo in Looking In and stayed hot the rest of the night. She Got The Heat is normally a slide workout, but he couldn't find the slide (and didn't feel like looking for it) so he played it "Chuck Berry style." Joe Whiting's sax playing is a real good addition. He doesn't play much, but when he does it enhances rather than getting in the way. Check out the way he ups the ante on I'm Tired after Kim's amazing acoustic guitar solo. Anyway, yeah, great band line-up, the new album (Oct. 11 he says) is gonna be amazing - can't wait. All the new songs killed me. I was several tables back - hard to judge distance. There was a bit of chatter, but nothing close - this recording came out well, there is pleasure to be gained from listening to it (By Realomind). .
Kim Simmonds - Guitar, Lead Vocals*
Jumpin' Joe Whiting - Lead Vocals, Saxophone
Pat DeSalvo - Bass
Garnett Grimm - Drums

Tracks Listing:
01. Meet The Blues Head On
02. Looking In
03. Natural Man
04. Streetcorner Talkin'*
05. Little Red Rooster
06. She Got The Heat
07. Train To Nowhere*
08. Gypsy
09. I'm Tired
10. Jack The Toad
11. Wang Dang Doodle
12. Voodoo Moon
13. Louisiana Blues*
14. --Crowd--
15. Leaving Again


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space88 a dit…

These Old Guy's do a great Job!!Cool Concert!!Many Thanks!

Hans Hund a dit…

Realy great show.Thanks a lot!

egerdes a dit…

I would love hear this. I do not see any links, though. Could you reupload? Thanks!

Win goal a dit…

Really very nice..

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