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Fleetwood Mac - June 9, 1968 - Carousel Ballroom San Francisco, CA

Cd 01
01 [cuts in] Madison Blues 4:31
02 My Baby's Gone 6:00
03 My Baby's Skinny 4:48
04 Worried Dream 9:57
05 Dust My Broom 4:32
06 Got To Move 3:00
07 Worried Mind 4:41
08 Instrumental 10:29
09 Have You Ever Loved A Woman? 7:58
10 Lazy Poker Blues 4:49

Cd 02
01 [cuts in] Stop Messing Around [with Paul Butterfield] 2:12
02 I Loved Another Woman [with Paul Butterfield] 7:03
03 I Believe [with Paul Butterfield] 5:17
04 The Sun Is Shining [with Paul Butterfield] 6:27
05 Long Tall Sally [with Paul Butterfield] 4:53
06 Willie & The Hand Jive 4:04
07 > Tuti Frutti 3:02
08 Thanks by Peter Green, announcer band intros + crowd noise before encore 0:32
09 Ready Teddy [cut] 3:16
June 7 or 8, 1968 S.F. Carousel Ballroom 18:52
10 [cuts in] I Need Your Love So Bad 1:46
11 I Believe 4:59
12 Shake Your Moneymaker 9:12
13 Ready Teddy 2:30
14 Peter Green says thanks, announcer outro + crowd noise 0:19

Peter Green - guitar, vocals
John McVie - bass
Mick Fleetwood - drums
Jeremy Spencer - guitar, vocals
Paul Butterfield - harp (where noted)

From Peter Green's stage comments, this is from one week into Fleetwood Mac's first U.S. tour and he sounds like he's having a really good time on the last night of a 3 show run with Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane. This is presumed to be the last night because Peter Green makes a comment about how they'll be back in 2 weeks (not the following night). I think that they returned to the Carousel on the 22nd or 23rd of June.
Enjoy this terrific recording !!!

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Thank you!!

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Happy to see the rare good Fleetwood Macs!



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thanks for this i love fleetwood mac with peter green . one of the greatest guitars ever

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Great Peter and great company!

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Hey brother, great site.
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AZ Jones a dit…

I have always thought this to be one of the best of this period of Fleetwood Mac. A great listen for sure. Az Jones

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thank you !!

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This is gold. Thank you!

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More Butterfield, and lossless! Thanks!

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Thank You Silver.
excellent stuff.