Tuesday, April 24, 2012

By Request - Mike Bloomfield - Al Kooper - Barry Goldberg - Bottom Line - NYC - 1974-03-31 - Wave

Six years after the legendary Live Adventures at Fillmore , Mike Bloomfield & Al Kooper were back to do a great gig at Bottom Line NYC ...The magic was here again . Enjoy !!!

Mike Bloomfield - Guitar, Vocals
Al Kooper - Keyboards, Vocals
Barry Goldberg - Keyboards
Roger Troy - Bass, Vocals
George Raines - Drums

01 - Don't You Lie To Me
02 - Linda Lou
03 - Sweet Little Angel
04 - Unchain My Heart
05 - Inside Information
06 - Tryin' To Find The Door
07 - Glamour Girl
08 - Heartbreak
09 - Imagination
10 - Let Them Talk
11 - Trouble Ahead Of Me
12 - I Get Started All Over Again


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Congratulations for the blog! Very nice albums!

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oldfuzzface says "anything with Mike Bloomfield playing guitar is great because he was great." thanks for sharing this

hcb said...

Unheard Bloomfield & Kooper! Great! Thanks

Anonymous said...

Mike Bloomfield was the most underated guitarist, he deserves to be meantioned in the same breathe as the Rory Gallagher's and Jeff Beck's



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Hello And THANK YOU Remy29

bd said...

Hello, just wonderin'....askin' is more like it. If it's possible I'd be most appreciative.

Any chance of an upload to another site? I'd love to hear this one, but with MU out of thepicure these days, ain't happening now.

I dig your blog; great sounds and great artists, a real keeper-of-the flame is the silverado.

Thank you.