vendredi 11 juin 2010

The Good Rats - My Father's Place - Roslyn - New York - August 20th 1974

Fantastic concert by the Good Rats during their best era .
Enjoy !!!

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Ray a dit…

I am pleased to see you posting again ! I don't know the artists you propose on the last three posts but I like to discover new ones. Thank you !

Anonyme a dit…

Ray, look up the site are playingstill after all these years..Peppi Marchello is an icon!

jeremy nobody, esq. a dit…

Did you used to run a blog simply called I downloaded sum stuff there long ago and hadn't ripped it open. I have Good Rats 'Tasty' album that requires a password. If so, please contact me at jeremynobodyesq(at)

LarryD a dit…

Hello Silverado do you like the Good Rats I have all of there albums on CD. If you would like them I could try and get them posted to PHRock or I could just rip them and send you the links?


Emilio Almeida a dit…

Friend, it would be interesting to share this disc with an updated link, it is still in megaupload.
Emilio Almeida, direct Brazyl