Friday, June 11, 2010

The Good Rats - My Father's Place - Roslyn - New York - August 20th 1974

Fantastic concert by the Good Rats during their best era .
Enjoy !!!


Ray said...

I am pleased to see you posting again ! I don't know the artists you propose on the last three posts but I like to discover new ones. Thank you !

Anonymous said...

Ray, look up the site are playingstill after all these years..Peppi Marchello is an icon!

jeremy nobody, esq. said...

Did you used to run a blog simply called I downloaded sum stuff there long ago and hadn't ripped it open. I have Good Rats 'Tasty' album that requires a password. If so, please contact me at jeremynobodyesq(at)

LarryD said...

Hello Silverado do you like the Good Rats I have all of there albums on CD. If you would like them I could try and get them posted to PHRock or I could just rip them and send you the links?


Emilio Almeida said...

Friend, it would be interesting to share this disc with an updated link, it is still in megaupload.
Emilio Almeida, direct Brazyl