jeudi 18 février 2010

MAN - Basel Pratteln Z7 Schweiz - March - 15th - 1998

Fantastic concert by Man in 1998 ...
Enjoy !!!

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Anonyme a dit…

This is a very good audience recording of a phantastic band.
Thank you for this show! I saw these guys often during the nineties and this show is one of the best I heard.
Hope Mister Krucker was there!

Tony from Switzerland

PS. Micky Jones was a giant – one of the unsung heroes of the british rock guitar. All Man fans really miss him so much.

Anonyme a dit…

Thank very much for this, although it isn't a patch on the 70s line-up during the 70s.There's a lot of crowd noise, too. The Melton gig in Baglan is better, both in performance and recording.

Anonyme a dit…

Hi, I don't know. Links not working anymore!!