lundi 16 novembre 2009

Rob Tognoni - Live At Cafe Goorblues - Gooreind Belgium - October 18th 2009

"You have to admire Rob Tognoni's stamina. He is able to sustain a ferocious pace, few could manage it... Perhaps his stamina is the consequence of 30 years conditioning. Perhaps it's natural selection..."Blues In Britian Magazine - UK
101. Rock'n roll businessman
102. Black chair
103. Dirty occupation
104. Dark angel
105. Drink Jack boogie
106. Bad girl
107. Comin'home tonight
108. Product of a Southern land
109. The real thing
110. Itty bitty mama
111. Mr John Lee
112. Keep your head above water
201. Lands Of Cirrus
202. Hey Joe
203. My acid is Kickin'in
204. Jim beam blues
205. Red house
206. This is rock'n roll
207. Shoot shoot electrocute
208. Keep your hands to yourself
209. Baby please don't go
210. Rock'n roll businessman
Enjoy !!!

4 commentaires:

Timbo a dit…

Wow!!!! Big thanks. Just turned on to Tognoni this year and he's become a favorite. He's one of the best blues-rockers out there! Anxious to hear this.

Anonyme a dit…

thanks for the music

mac a dit…

Thanks for this great guitarist one of the best to come out of Australia.

Dutchboy a dit…

Here's some more: