mercredi 30 septembre 2009

The Ghosts Featuring John Cipollina - Keystone Berkeley - CA - May 8th 1980

01 Showboat
02 It Takes Alot To Laugh
03 Easy Living
04 Gomorrah
05 I'll Do It All Again
06 tuneup
07 Lonesome and Long Way From Home
08 I Wish I Could Say
09 Sweet Inspration
10 Scarlet Begonias
11 Short Time Fever
12 Stir It Up
13 Like A Thief In The Night
14 All I Know Is I've Got To Go
John Cipollina - guitar
Keith Godchaux - piano, vocals
Donna Godchaux - vocals
Greg Anton - drums
Steve Kimock - guitar
Dexter LaBlanc - bass
Greta Rose - backup vocals

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24HourDejaVu a dit…

Thanks for this one
Yo know how much these SF vibes mean to me
I will talk with you soon my friend

Bill at 24hr

Anonyme a dit…

66rock is down by the blogger here is the new adress