dimanche 23 août 2009

Spirit - Keele University - UK - March 15 1973

61:43 min
01 Fresh Garbage
02 Turn To The Right
03 Nature's Way
04 Miss This Train >
05 Rain // *
06 It's Such A Drag
07 Instrumental
08 Prelude / Nothin' To Hide >
09 Why Can't I Be Free
10 Mr Skin >
11 It's All The Same >
12 Drums / Jam >
13 It's All The Same
14 1984 >1
15 I Got A Line On You (cut very end) * (* tape flip)
For the 1st time on the webb (From Dime With Great Work by
Shepherd & Bpthree) two concerts from the legendary Spirit 1973 tour in "wma lossless"
it's audience recording (B+)
So Enjoy !!!

4 commentaires:

Terry a dit…

Good grief! I started as a student at Keele in late 1973, and even then the place was still buzzing about Spirit's performance earlier that year (maybe because according to those who were there & actually remembered the event Randy finished the set naked, it was so hot) but despite rumours of a bootleg, about which I've heard nothing for over 30 years, I never imagined I would actually get to hear the concert. This is so unlikely it can't even be called my Holy Grail - I'd never even hoped to find a copy. Oh Wow!!!

martyn a dit…

Hi, I saw the Walthamstow show and then three or four more on the tour. been wanting to hear the Keele show for ages too...rapidshare links not working...can it be uploaded to megaload or another?? great site...thanks for sharing.

Anonyme a dit…

please re-post

Marco Pallotti a dit…

I was at this show. I had a friend who was at Keele, and I'd hitchhiked there from South London earlier in the day. The show was truly awesome. Afterwards, we saw the band members outside the Student Union building, and I got talking to the bass player, whose name now eludes me. 25 years later, almost exactly, I'm living in Santa Monica, California, and go to see a band called Blowing Smoke at a local venue called Harvelle's. During a break the band leader/bass player stood next to me at the bar, and we get to chatting. He was, of course, the same guy.