samedi 30 mai 2009

Steve Miller Band- Seattle- Eagles Auditorium- November-29-1969

Great concert by Steve "Guitar" Miller in Power Trio !!!

Set One
01 - Can't You Hear Your Daddy's Heartbeat/02 - Don't Write Me No Letters/03 - Steppin' Stone/04 - Space Cowboy/05 - Kow Kow Calqulator/06 - Blues With A Feeling KOL radio I.D. insert/07 - Mercury Blues w/ Happy Birthday Tim Davis
Set Two
08 - Gangster Of Love (14 minute jam)09 - Motherless Children/10 - Don't Let Nobody Turn You 'Round/11 - Got Love If You want It (end is cut)

Steve Miller - Guitar/vocals
Lonnie Turner - Bass/bkg vocals
Tim Davis - Drums/bkg vocals

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Josevaty a dit…

Muchas Gracias Silverado; Steve Miller es otro de mis fab.

amellowsoul a dit…

Okay, my friend, I have to know who you are. I noticed quite a bit of material I share appear here. I think the more that get QMS/Cipollina the better. I just wondering who you are, so drop me a note... amellowsoul @ gmail . com

Thanks man, nice blog.
-Tom S. (amellowsoul)

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you again

Tommy Duque a dit…

Amigo Silverado, thank you for this post, but could it be possible to upload it again, it has been deleted from Rapidshare.
Thank you again.

Soggy Bottom a dit…
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Soggy Bottom a dit…

I believe I am the original source for this show. In the early 1970's I taped a series of shows off KOL-FM in Seattle on my reel to reel recorder. There are about half a dozen others like, Jethro Tull, Poco, Ten Years After, Leon Russell and Joe Cocker. Enjoy.