mardi 22 décembre 2015

Journey - Charge Of The Light Brigade (Unreleased 1973 Studio Recordings - Flac)

The unfinished album by the original pre - Steve Perry Journey. 13 tracks from the fusion tinged rockers plus 3 live tracks from 
a pre-Journey Schon fusion band known as Birthday.
Includes the title song & more rare unreleased masterpieces.

Neal Schon - Guitar
Ross Valory - Bass
Gregg Rolie - Vocals, Keyboards
George Tickner - Guitar
Prairie Prince - Drums

01 - Mystery Mountain [Studio Mix - Unfinished]
02 - In the Morning Day [Studio Mix - No vocals]
03 - Charge of the Light Brigade?, - [Fusion w-Killer Neal Solos]
04 - unknown instrumental, a nice ballad, kind of in a Jeff Beck/Santana style
05 - To Make Some Music [Studio Mix - no vocals]
06 - In My Lonely Feeling/Conversations [Studio Mix - no vocals]
07 - unknown instrumental
08 - Can You Hear Me?
09 - Kohoutek [Studio Mix - Differs from Released Version]
10 - Unknown Agressive Fusion Track [Schon lights it up]
11 - To Make Some Music [no vocals, Alt Version to track #5]
12 - Unknown Fusion Track
13 - Charge of the Light Brigade? [Alt Version -Faster Tempo]
14 - Concert Cut 1/1/73 Your Little Girl (Neal Schon/Gregg Rollie - Birthday)
15 - Concert Cut 1/1/73 Voodoo Chile (Neal Schon/Gregg Rollie - Birthday)
16 - Concert Cut 1/1/73 Tonight (Neal Schon/Gregg Rollie - Birthday)


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snapper33 a dit…

Thanks for this interesting album and happy holidays.

Phil G a dit…

Hope yer Christmas was great and a happy new year!!!

john a dit…

thank you. Happy New Year.

JRMN a dit…

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jrb a dit…

Thanks for all of your postings. Looking forward to hearing this Journey one.

Sadness a dit…

Not much to say other THANK YOU SILVERADO !!!

Unknown a dit…

This unreleased set is got to be one of the best I have heard from Neal and the early gang. They just tear through the songs with high voltage raw power. I am so glad I found this, I have lamented the day the Steve Perry "Became" Journey even though I still have my favorites after he took the mic.

Unknown a dit…

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