Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hookfoot - Live In Memphis USA 1972 (Uk great blend of rock, soul & blues - 1990 edition - flac)

Hookfoot was a quintet formed at the end of the '60s as a recording unit by a half-dozen session players associated with Dick James' publishing and later with his DJM Records label. They never made much of an impression on the charts, despite their work being licensed to A&M Records, through which they released four LPs in the U.S.A. Ian Duck (vocals, harmonica), Dave Glover (bass), Roger Pope (drums, vocals), and Caleb Quaye (guitar, vocals) were the original lineup, with Bob Kulick (guitar, vocals) coming in alongside Quaye, and Fred Gandy joining on bass later.(Bruce Eder)

Does anyone remember how good this group was besides me? This is the fourth release (after Hookfoot, Good Times A Comin, Communication, and Roaring),that I can find from one of the most underated groups from England in the early 70's;Hookfoot. Eight live tracks(5 from the various studio releases) that show what a great band these guys were! A talented guitar band led by Caleb Quaye, and Ian Duck, this four piece band with Roger Pope and Dave Glover/Freddy Gandy could play it all; loud and funky rock n'roll,electric or acoustic blues, combined with great lyrics and superb musicianship. If you can find this disc check it out, because this may be the only Hookfoot music you'll be able to listen to on CD anytime soon. It's a decent recording(considering the time it was made),and shows a "live" sound most fans like me never got to hear. See if you agree with me, that these guys played great music that sounded like nothing else from England that was being played in 1972- it'll make you feel young again!!(By wwwperkmp)

01 Taxman
02 If I Had The Words
03 They'll Never Find Us Up There
04 Here I Come
05 Cuckoo
06 Cruisin'
07 Nature Changes
08 Freedom

Caleb Quaye : Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards
Ian Duck : Rhythm & Lead Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica
Fred Gandy : Bass
Roger Pope : Drums, Vocals



kobilica said...

This is one of my favorite band.Thank you...

Phil Gordon said...


meanunclek said...

Thanks for this great album by such an underrated band.

wyseman said...

Saw Hookfoot on same billing as Elton John back in 1971...old mates reunited - great band - thnx

wyseman said...

Saw Hookfoot on same billing as Elton John back in 1971...old mates reunited - great band - thnx

wyseman said...

Saw Hookfoot on same billing as Elton John back in 1971...old mates reunited - great band - thnx

haar said...

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Tanktop said...

Just found your GREAT blog today, and I'm amazed with all the indeed RARE music you've collected and shared here! I came in search of Barry Melton - The Fish album...I see I'm too late for that gift, and would love it if you ever found time to re-up:)
I play the songs "Marshmellow Road" and "Ice Cream Man", and they always bring a smile of innocence and delight:) I learned them years ago when I had this wonderful album.

All the best to you!

Phil McMullen said...

Yep, I remember them - in fact I put that release out! I was interviewing Freddy Gandy for the Ptolemaic Terrascope back in the late 1980s when he happened to mention he had this live reel-to-reel tape. There's next to no live Hookfoot material available so needless to say I was dead chuffed to hear it, and arranged for it to get a CD release. The band members even got paid, which was a bit of a novelty apparently as it didn't always happen when they were still a going concern. Anyway, good to know there's some fellow fans out there. Keep up the great work. Phil

recycler said...

Hookfoot - Live In Memphis USA 1972. Link "There" (Part 2) does not work. It's so sad.


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