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White Lightning - Strikes Twice (1968-1969 Raw Us Psychedelic Rock - Flac)

Hard fuzz trio featuring the blazing leads of Zippy Caplan (ex-Litter). The band was less garagy and more pounding hardrock than the Litter. "Under the Screaming Double Eagle" collects studio tracks from 1969. White Lightning was a slang term for LSD at the time (and bootleg whiskey prior to that). The group added two new members and shortened their name to Lightning. They continued in the hardrock mode but now with dual leads. "Lightning" is another excellent effort, just missing the certain magic they possessed as a power trio.

"White Lightning" was formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1968 by ex-"Litter" guitarist "Zippy" Caplan and bassist Woody Woodrich.  The two musicians had been jamming together for close to a year before they decided to become a group. 

The name "White Lightning" was picked by "Zip" Caplan and Woody Woodrich during their drive back from the "Litter's" filming of "Medium Cool" because it was another name for acid.

"White Lightning's" original drummer, Garr Johnson, quit the group after only a months rehearsals because he didn't believe a three-piece act could make it in Minneapolis.  Mick Stanhope was immediately brought in from Chicago by Ronn Roberts to fill the empty drummer's chair.

01. Prelude to Opus Iv   
02. [Under the Screaming Double]   
03. Born Too Rich   
04. Coming Down   
05. Borrowed and Blue   
06. Bogged Down   
07. Let Me Feel It Too   
08. Only Love    
09. Age [Version 1]    
10. Fantasy Days [Version 1]   
11. No Time for Love
12. William Tell 
13. Prelude to Opus Iv [Ver 2] 
14. Freedom 
15. Groundhog 
16. 1930 
17. Just Let the World Roll on B 
18. Before My Time
19. Age [Version 2]
20. Fantasy Days [Version 2] 


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