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Corpus - Creation A Child (1971 great us psychedelic rock - Flac)

This album is one of the rarest psychedelic albums you can get, much sought after and very expensive, at least in it's original version. I’ve never come across an original US copy of this one. Privately pressed on Acorn in 1971 (Acorn 1001), this Psych Rock album is one of those crown jewels you have to spend a great amount of money to possess, its first pressing.

The record has been reissued on vinyl (Breeder (RPR 007-3C-567) 1986 and also counterfeited on vinyl and CD,later reissued on vinyl and CD (Akarma AK 113). The reissue is worth investigating but don't fork out lots of bucks on the original. 

I bought the bootleg knowing I’d never have the opportunity to buy the original red-label Acorn press (later Acorn pressings have a green/pink label).(Album it was reissued recently on CD Remastered, the British edition [AXCD 1016]Very good sound quality.)

American band playing nice, pretty catchy music bordering on hard rock and psychedelia. This is not a heavy proto metal style of album, but a more 'feel good' record, boogie blues meets psychedelia, full of upbeat harmonies, clean guitar solos Excellent vocal harmonies and ringing guitar work coupled with some heavy riffs blues-based two excellent guitar players, William Grate and Richard De Leon.

Group play with a touch sharper Roka psychedelia. A particularly noteworthy guitar (a bit like two guitarists Wishbone Ash), and compositions. Like everything is ok, but something in me, this is missing. The individual pieces taste better than a whole album together. "Creation A Child" is not an absolute must-have LP but it will please Psych Rock lovers.

Musically, this Corpus-Christi, TX-based band offers a great dose of bar-rockers, some inspired idle ballads "Joy" is really beautiful and a couple of forgettable cuts.The songs boast a soft and smooth guitar work, great vocals and a laid-back rhythm section.“Marriage” is one my favorite tracks, along with the majestic “Joy” but the before us "Creation A Child" that's a thoroughbred killer is everything: composition, mood, the guitar best track on the album

It's very hard to find out anything more about them and well make this a worthwhile reissue. The origin of the surname is simply the place of residence of the training is Corpus Christi, Texas. In the series of "beautiful losers" of those who disappeared after the completion of the famous record to record, exhausted by years of effort and perseverance, this is heavy with the Corpus. Not the heavy in the sense of sound but in that of the intrinsic quality of the work. One is immediately struck by the ease of musicians, to the point where one might think the result of a meeting of experienced professionals, and not that of an obscure combo. However, one rumor said that this would be teenagers.

Out of nowhere, Corpus has a hard enough personal and original. Elusive. A concept album with the subject of the short life. The music is around a U.S. Heavy-rock relatively close in the first two Blue Oyster Cult, with a stronger frame bluesy, and sometimes a few reminiscences Soul, and some sensations of Southern Rock.

The rhythm guitar is generally laid-back with a full kind of Marshall Gibson, with little or no saturation. The singing is clear, mix of 60's Pop crooner and "blue-eyes-Soul." The battery is cultivated, that is to say, she knows, if necessary, to diversify his game and his shot with a controlled use of cymbals. The bass is groovy, and the guitar solos are sparkling and bewitching. Musicians who are strong to inject pure emotion into their game. It is one of the many good little-known publishers of the 60/70. A forgotten gem, close to the masterpiece. It is worth it get acquainted! (By Adamus67)

01 - Cruising - 3.48
02 - Joy - 6.22
03 - Marriage - 3.35
04 - Creation A Child - 6.53
05 - Just A Man - 3.15
06 - We Can Make It, Luv - 2.30
07 - Not Mine - 3.29
08 - Where Is She - 3.36
09 - Mythical Dream - 4.54

Richard Deleon (De-De) : Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
William Grate : Lead Guitar, Background Vocals
James Castillo (Beaver) : Bass
Frudy Lianes : Drums
Gilbert Pena Jr : Lyrics


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Alejandro a dit…

great band! nice voice, thank you Silverado.

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you for your comments and compliments.
Signed: Richard De Leon, Corpus - Vocalist and guitarist

Unknown a dit…

I had not found anything about this band :'(

Unknown a dit…

My alter ego thanks all who've been moved by my work. William(Grate) Lenhart