mercredi 2 septembre 2015

Barry Melton - The Fish (1975 us rock with bonus tracks - vinyl rip - flac)

Solo album by Barry Melton recorded at Rockfield Studios in 1975 with Welsh musicians .
It's a vinyl rip with 10 bonus track from unreleased album of 1974. Enjoy !!!
01- Long Way
02- Stranger
03- Jessie James
04- Could You Drive Forever ?
05- Mountains In Dreamland
06- Speed Racer
07- Babylon
08- Karma
09- Harbinger
10- Looking For A World
11- Marshmellow Road
12- Ice Cream Man
13- California Seacost
Bonus Tracks From Unreleased Album 1974
14- Jesse James
15- Mountains In Dreamland
16- Looking For A World
17- Babylon
18- Love Is A Mystery
19- Harbinger
20- Sunshine
21- Stranger
22- Karma
23- Could You Drive Forever

David Charles - Drums
Tommy Eyre - Keyboards
Ray Martinez - Rhythm & Slide Guitar
Barry Melton - Lead Guitar & Vocals
Ken Whaley - Bass

5 commentaires:

Otiselevator a dit…

Great stuff and arguably Barry's best record. Fine guitarist and nice guy he'd probably be appreciated more if he'd died forty years ago. It's a funny old world.....

propylaen2001 a dit…

Does anybody know if the unreleased album was recorded with the same musicians as the eventually released version?

Tanktop a dit…

Hello !
Thank you for your generosity and great taste here, sir.
Gosh, I've looked to replace this wonderful album forever...
"Marshmellow Road" and "Ice Cream Man" used to bowl me over with their innocence and humour:)
I'm too late for this gift, but thanks for your good taste and musical awareness!

all the best,

Tanktop a dit…

Very nice of you to take your time and energies to re-up Barry,
and in such quality format!

All the best,

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks for the vinyl rip!!