jeudi 10 septembre 2015

Third World War - Third World War (1971 uk hard rock, blues rock and heavy blues - Repertoire records edition - Flac)

Reissued 1971 album. Astonishingly powerful three piece heavy metal band from the early Seventies, starring guitarist Terry Stamp. They can be heard on their 1971 album, tearing into such cuts as 'Ascension Day', which was their first single release, and eight other scorching hard rockers, including 'Get Out Of Bed You Dirty Red' and 'Preaching Violence.'
Terry Stamp and Jim Avery and company provide the perfect antidote to the complexities that became adult oriented rock. This was uncompromising honest stuff. Brilliant songs, well performed. It pre-dated pub rock, punk rock and the like and set the blueprint. If you only ever buy one rock album then make it this one.

01.Ascension Day 4:53
02.M.I.5's Alive 8:10
03.Teddy Teeth Goes Sailing 1:53
04.Working Class Man 4:32
05.Shepherds Bush Cowboy 4:40
06.Stardom Road, Part I 5:37
07.Stardom Road, Part II 3:43
08.Get out of Bed You Dirty Red 1:28
09.Preaching Violence 5:04

Third World War:
Terry Stamp: Vocals, Guitar
Jim Avery: Bass (Razar, ex-The Attack, ex-Thunderclap Newman)
Mick Liber: Guitar (Aztecs, The Denvermen, Python Lee Jackson)
Fred Smith: Drums

Tony Ashton: Piano (Ashton Gardner and Dyke)
Jim Price: Trompette, trombone
Bobby Keyes (saxophone)
Neemoi "Speed" Acquaye: Congas


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