lundi 25 août 2014

Privilege - Privilege (1973 Great US Heavy Psychedelic Rock - Flac)

Venturini and Leonetti had previously been in the Soul Survivors and, according to the liner notes, Privilege was formed to mix the influence of Hendrix with the Isley Brothers and The Soul Survivors. 

The resulting album has its moments, especially because of its good guitar parts with loads of effects (fuzz, wah wah etc.). Tracks like Purple Dog and Traitor also have effective vocals with a good rhythm.

01.Trailor - 4.45   
02.It's Yesterday - 4.01   
03.The Quiz - 2.55   
04.Circling - 4.28   
05.People - 3.55   
06.Going Down - 2.45   
07.Purple Dog - 2.33   
08.Easter - 3.06   
09.Taking Care Of You - 3.21   
10.Sojourn - 4.14 

Edward Leonetti - guitar, vocals
Paul Venturini - keyboards, vocals
Jack Douglas - bass
Tommy Brannick - drums, percussion 

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