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Mighty Baby - Tasting The Life: Live 1971 (1971 UK Great Psych Prog Rock - Flac)

Sunbeam’s 2010 release Tasting The Life: Live 1971 documents a concert from Mighty Baby on February 20, 1971, when they were the opening act for Quintessence, and adds two bonus tracks from an appearance at Glastonbury later that year for good measure. The source tapes are a little rough -- it’s a bit flat, feedback leaks in on occasion, sometimes the keyboard bleeds, and the vocals peak out -- but the group’s elliptical charms are evident via these winding, exploratory jams. These performances aren’t particularly purposeful -- “India” reaches a whopping 22 minutes without going anywhere in particular, but there’s a choogling energy to their boogie that sits in interesting contrast to their jazz- and world-inflected improvisations. The fidelity and indulgence certainly whittles the audience for this down to the dedicated, but those committed fans will find Tasting the Life worth their while.(Stephen Thomas Erlewine)

After five years of touring the English countryside and playing some of the finest mid-60’s R&B and blue-eyed soul to loyal crowds of Mods without ever receiving the wider recognition the band deserved, the Action went “underground” to later resurface, minus singer Reggie King, as the psychedelic progressives of Mighty Baby.
Mighty Baby was heralded by late-60’s UK scenesters for onstage improvisational journeys into jazzy, eastern-influenced rock and loose country-boogie jams, and Tasting the Life captures the group in full flight as they open for Quintessence at Malvern’s Winter Gardens on February 20th, 1971. While the original show’s centerpiece is an imaginative, 22-minute, free-flowing meditation on John Coltrane’s “India”, the album’s highlight is the bonus track “Blanket In my Muesli”.  Recorded at Glastonbury Fayre that summer, this 16-minute, heavy-lidded, psychedelic adventure in controlled self-indulgence showcases the quintet’s liquid approach to playing, with Martin Stone’s ingenious guitar work leading the way.  A certain amount of stamina is required of the listener but the rewards outweigh the effort.(By Alan Brown)

Egyptian Tomb
Trials Of A City
Keep On Juggin'
Woe Is Me
Going Down To Mongoli  
Lazy Days (Bonus Track)
A Blanket In My Muesli (Bonus Track)
Now You See It - Live In Bristol 1971 
Now You Don't - Live In Bristol 1971 
A Blanket In My Muesli - Live Glastonbury Fayre 1971-06-23

Ian Whiteman - vocals, flute, alto saxophone, Fender Rhodes piano
Martin Stone - lead guitar
Alan King - vocals, guitar
Mike Evans - bass guitar
Roger Powell - drums, percussion


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