samedi 21 décembre 2013

Ashkan - In From The Cold (1969 uk great heavy rock with strongs vocals & guitars - Flac)

Hailing from England, Ashkan made blues-oriented hard rock, with influences of Free and Black Cat Bones and a little more madness. The vocals are at times reminiscant of Mike Harrison (of Spooky Tooth) or elsewhere like Joe Cocker.

The band’s sound is propelled by Bailey’s hoarse growl and the band’s penchant for screaming guitars. While most songs stay with the progressive meets blues sound found in “Going Home” or “Practically Never Happens,” the band does vary that sound a bit, including the almost folk “Stop (Wait and Listen)” and early Traffic in “Slightly Country”.

Released in 1969, “In From The Cold” remains as Ashkan’s only album.(

01. Going Home – 6:35
02. Take These Chains – 4:47
03. Stop (Waite And Listen) – 5:50
04. Backlash Blues – 7:45
05. Practically Never Happens – 5:58
06. One Of Us Two – 5:43
07. Slightly Country – 2:55
08. Darkness – 12:10

Steve Bailey - vocals
Bob Weston - guitar, vocals
Ron Bending - bass, vocals
Terry Sims - drums, percussion


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