lundi 21 décembre 2015

Harvey Mandel & Friends - Get Off In Chicago - 1974 - (Psychedelic Blues - Vinyl Rip - Flac

While Mike Bloomfield & Al Kooper recorded in their adopted home of California, using their new rock-star friends to assist on their two "Super-Session" recordings, Mandel came home to Chicago, assembled the most worthy players from Chicago's jazz, rock & blues scenes, & jammed for two days.: An "Underground-Super-Session", if you will.
Vinyl rip & scans by myself from the vinyl collection of my friend Cipcal ...
Enjoy !!!

01 Check Me Out 3:46
02 Local Days 3:34
03 Highway Blues 3:09
04 Sweet Lynda3:065High-Test Fish Line 5:19
06 I'm a Lonely Man 6:26
07 Race Track Daddy 5:52
08 Springfield Station Theme 6:28
09 Jellyroll 3:52

Peter Milio - Drums
Craig Rasband - Bass
G.E. Stinson - Guitar
Nick Tountas - Bass
Norman Wagner - Guitar
Bob Davis - Drums
Judy Roberts - Keyboards, Vocals
John Bishop - Guitar
Don Cody - Bass
Dave Cooke - Keyboards
Freddie Fox - Vocals
Vicki Hubley - Vocals
Phil Johnson - Drums
Rusty Jones - Drums
Ira Kart - Keyboards
Kenneth Little - Bass, Vocals
Harvey Mandel - Guitar


5 commentaires:

Vasily Zaytsev a dit…

Thanx! Great album!

muzicprog a dit…

Excelent upload. Dis record is da most elusive of da great Harvey. Never digitaliz´d (at dis year)and wid 3 editions.
-Label Ovation in USA 1971.
-Label London in UK in 1972
-Label Ovation (pathe) France 1974 from dis upload come.
hat off 4 u Silverado!
A zillion danks 4 dis a unknown jewel and criminally underrat´d 4 many time, but now totally dignified.

geoffc a dit…

Thanks again for the new link. This is what is called " a desert island " disk - once heard, never forgotten :)

Celesta a dit…


Anonyme a dit…

Love to see a re-up of of the best, fer sure.