Sunday, August 6, 2017

Eric Quincy Tate - 1972 Drinking Man's Friend - 1975 Eric Quincy Tate (Great US Southern Rock - Mp3 @320)

Eric Quincy Tate - Drinking Man's Friend - 1972

01- Brown Sugar 3:55
02- Things (I Think I'll Find) 6:55
03- Whiskey Woman Blues 5:23
04- Another Sunshine Son 2:59
05- Water to Wine 1:58
06- Can't Get Home from Your Party 3:20
07- Texas Sand 2:59
08- Suzie B. Dunn 4:54

Donnie McCormick - drums and lead vocals
Tommy Carlisle - guitars
David Cantonwine - bass
Joe Rogers - keyboards, harp and background vocals

Eric Quincy Tate - EQT - 1975

01- Honky Tonk Man 3:18
02- No Rollin' Boogie 4:40
03- Food, Phone, Gas And Lodging 2:40
04- Chatta Hoochee Coochee Man 2:25
05- Wide Open 3:55
06- Drivin' Wheel 6:15
07- Big Boss Jam 15:22

Donnie McCormick (Drums, Harmonica, Vocals)
Joseph Rogers (Harmonica, Keyboards)
David Cantonwine (Bass)
Tommy Carlisle (Dobro, Slide Guitar)
Wayne Sauls (Acoustic, Electric, Background Vocals)

Second and third album by EQT in Mp3 @320 (I don't have lossless version)


kobilica said...

Absolutely great band.Thanks...

Anonymous said...

Please, can you reup,Many Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I've just been listening to some Eric Quincy Tate on YouTube.

A re-up here would be much appreciated! Thank you!

Andyrock said...

Great blog! Congratulations! But can you reup please? Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

Here's both:

Good quality rips, so thanks a lot, Silverado! Though if someone could share this couple in flac that would be awesome!

imnokid said...

Thanx for hipping me to these albums. I was unfamiliar and am glad to be familiarised!