jeudi 5 novembre 2015

Billy TK - Move On Up - The Unreleased 1972 HMV Tapes (1972 great new zealand psych rock - 2009 edition - Ape)

2009 Edition of 1972-1975-1980 Tapes

After three years and three albums delivering electrifying riffs as part of cult progrock trio Human Instinct, Billy T.K was ready to explore more melodic themes. Powerhouse experimented with Latin-tinged blues and funk rhythms with lush layers of vocal harmonies, brass and percussion all woven together with Billy's relentless but unmistakeable riffs and extended solos. Like so much of New Zealand's early recorded history it was feared the debut album from Billy T.K & Powerhouse had been lost forever, or worse taped over, leaving little recorded evidence of this influential guitar-driven rhythmic big band.This CD compilation of the lost Move On Up album recorded at EMI studios in 1972, with selections form the live concert at Wellington's St James Theatre in 1975 and a single recorded with session musicians in Hollywood in 1980, delivers a solid overview of post-Human Instinct Billy T.K. for the first time. 

01. Bottle Of Red Wine
02. Move On Up (Pts. 1 & 2)
03. Hum Along And Dance
04. Into The Mystic
05. Marbles
06. Guajira
07. Goodbye Post Office Tower Goodbye
08. Southern Man
09. Dance With The Spirit 
10. Rhythm Of Your Love 
11. Heaven's Melody (Live) 
12. Beyond The Material Sky (Live) 
13. Race Into The infinite (Live) 

Billy T.K : Lead Guitar, Vocals
John Bilderbeck : Guitar
Steve Webb : Drums
Gav Collinge : Bass
Ara Mete : Rhythm Guitar
Jamie Tait-Jamieson : Keyboards, Saxophone
Arnold Tihema : Congas & Lead Vocals
Mahia Blackmore : Vocals & Percussions
Dick White : Saxophone

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gigic2255 a dit…

Silverado, thank you very much for that discovery, never heard of it

Anonyme a dit…

G'day... Tony here..
sometime back I saw you commenting that you'd be keen to get hold of Living Force's wea album. I have 2 vinyl copies and have digitised the best one. I'd be Happy to share it with you. I also have the mp3 version with bonus "Changes" live if you wanted that too. I used to go see these guys in Levis saloon, downtown Auckland when I was 15 & have kept up with what they're doing to this day.... I can upload to FF now, I'll check back every few days looking for an answer.... btw, how are we meant to contact you? I could only think of commenting on a post... so I picked one of Seniors posts. Cheers Tony