Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Barry Melton - We Are Like The Ocean - Level With Me (1978-1979- us west coast rock - vinyl rip - flac)

Third an fourth solo albums by Barry Melton .Many great songs that prove that Barry is a complete artist, great composer, singer and guitarist.  
Some of these songs were regularly played by Barry and John Cipollina in  Dinosaurs or Fish & Chip. (I Can't Dance, Level With Me, The name a few).

We Are Like The Ocean
01- I Have Wandered
02- She's A Love
03- Anagarika
04- Lately
05- Traveling
06- We Are Like The Ocean
07- Passengers
08- Pueblo Pool
09- California
10- Keep The Faith
Level With me
11- I Can't Dance
12- Astral Lover
13- You Gave Me Sunshine
14- Colorado Town
15- Level With Me
16- The Dance
17- Remember The Song
18- Money
19- San Francisco Shuffle
20- Seventh Seal
We Are Like The Ocean
Barry Melton - Guitars & Vocals
Bob Flurie, Ray Martinez, Rob Pizer - Guitars
Paul Cobbold - Bass
Moth Smith - Drums
Bob Hogins - Piano
Elmo Shropshire - Banjo
Dave & Heather Brady,Jim Boyes - Background Vocals 

Level With Me
Barry Melton - Guitar & Lead Vocals
Bob Flurie - Guitar & Vocals
Bob Ashlee - Bass & Vocals
Harold Aceves - Drums & Vocals
Robert Hogins - Keyboards & Vocals



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