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Alkatraz - Doing A Moonlight (1976 uk classic rock with great guitars - vinyl rip - Flac)

Meanwhile, after his stint in The Neutrons, Will Youatt joined up with his ex-Quicksand partner James Davies to found Alkatraz, a fabulous and all too short-lived band who we'd hoped would carry the welsh rock flag into the eighties. Their one release, Doing A Moonlight, is a really superb example of intelligent and well-executed guitar based rock.
Another in a long line of good UK rock LP's released just in time to be summarily ignored with the rise of punk rock. Alkatraz were based in Wales and slapped together by Will Youatt formerly of Man and Neutrons who put out an excellent album in 1975 - 'Tales from the Blue Cocoons' which also featured drummer Steve Halliday and guitarist Jimmy Davies who could previously be heard in the prog band Quicksand. Not sure about bassist Jeff Singer but lasting for just one record, Alkatraz split up while recording the follow-up for reasons unknown but my guess is changing attitudes towards all things young and punky at ye old record company might have been partially to blame.
With a heavy looking logo on the back sleeve record buyers were probably inclined to believe the music matched the image but this wasn't the case with Alkatraz. The reality was this was a nice rock album with touches of San Francisco west coast similar in many ways to Man and the later Quicksilver Messenger Service albums with plenty of jamming and a side of pop. The first two tracks are excellent in particular 'Red Lights' which sounds like early Doobie Brothers jamming with Sea Level while 'Nito Bandito' has a fantastic Steely Dan element to it. Elsewhere 'Maybe Monday' combines soft rock with an almost Starcastle-like arrangement and ultimately 'Doing A Moonlight' while not totally original is a pleasant listen and it'd be interesting to hear the tapes from that doomed second album as Alkatraz were definitely a band with potential.

1 Stay Out of Town 
2 Red Lights 
3 Zen Cookies 
4 Nito Bendito 
5 The Ounze That Jack Built 
6 Maybe Monday 
7 Nobody Like You 
8 Every Night and Every Day 
9 Ti Jean

Jimmy Davies - vocals, guitar 
Stuart Halliday - drums 
Jeff Singer - bass, vocals 
Will Youatt - guitar, vocals 
Additional Musicians: 
Jimmy Jewell - sax 
Clive John - keyboards 
Ray Martinez - slide guitar


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Nicholas Sack a dit…

I agree - Alkatraz were a terrific band; I saw them play in London around 1978 at several venues including the Camden Roundhouse, the Golden Lion in Fulham, and the Torrington at Woodside Park. With crisp, uptight drumming from the superb Stuart Halliday, jangly guitars, and close vocal harmonies this is Port Talbot meets Detroit - with a hint of San Francisco. Great stuff - I have the album on vinyl, but why is the CD version so expensive?

peter6954 a dit…

I concur with Nicholas, saw Alkatraz myself live on a couple of occasions. Excellent tight band with the added bonus that they also played some of Will Youat's previous band - the very excellent Neutons material - namely 'Living in the World Today'. I would go as far to say that for the relatively short period they were in existance they were the best Welsh band around - and i include Man in that equation!

Marc Bianchi a dit…

I saw Alkatraz in the late 70's here in Luxembourg,to play live the '' Doing a Moonlight '' Stuff and it was a very good concert,they give in a Disco,called '' Blow up '' and at the time,this was the Place to be in Luxembourg :-) Memories,and i still have my Vinyl too !
Greetings to you !

Sadness a dit…

hi, love this bands album! there was a live concert from 76/77 that was on youtube but its been taken down unfortunately.. wondering if anyone has the live vid at all
thanks for posting also

bosshoss a dit…

Many thanks....

Delboy a dit…

Yeah, Will brought them to Briton Ferry rugby club in the early days - tiny venue, brilliant atmosphere. Needless to say I've still got the vinyl, a very much underrated band.

mastervillain a dit…

Farewell Will Youatt. Rest in peace.