samedi 11 août 2018

Pacific Gas And Electric - Starring Charlie Allen (1973 us soul & funk rock - vinyl rip)

The last album of PG&E in 1973, it's more a solo album by Charlie Allen which is in fact the only original member of the group, and is accompanied by many studio musicians. The album moves away from the rock to sound more funk & soul, an area where Charlie Allen's voice is perfect ...

Charlie Allen : Lead Vocals
Jerry Friedman - Cornell Dupree - Bob Mann - Robert Mann : Guitar
Charlie Brown : Dobro, Guitar
Gordon Edwards - Wilton Felder : Bass
Ernie Hayes : Keyboards, Piano, Piano (Electric)
John Hill : Clavinet, Drums (Steel), Guitar, Handclapping, Keyboards
Jon Stroll : Clavinet, Piano
Allan Schwartzberg : Drums
Phil Bodner - Michael Brecker - Joe Grimm - Arthur Kaplan - Seldon Powell - George Young : Saxophone
Burt Collins - Al DeRisi - Mickey Gravine - Lew Soloff : Brass, Horn
Jim Maden : Tambourine, Vocals
Jimmy Maeulen : Bells, Congas, Shakuhachi, Tabla
Joshie Armstead - J.R. Bailey - Gloria Barley - Shirley Brewer - John Brown - Lou Courtney - Bill Foster - Charlotte Gilbert - Lani Groves - Carl Hall - Delores Harvin - Melvin Kent - Troy Keyes - Sherman Lewis - Jon Lucas - Ron Marshall - Barbara Massey - Ray Pollard - Albertine Robinson - Ray Rollard - Jim Ryan - Manny Seymour - Tasha Thomas - Sammy Turner - Ken Williams : Vocals
01. Gumbo Jones (Allen, Hill, Michlin) 4:43
02. Roll Georgia (Allen, Hill, Michlin) 5:16
03. Somebody You Love (Dino, Sembello) 2:49
04. Hold On (Allen, Hill, Michlin) 2:59
05. Dancin' in the Fire (Allen, Hill, Michlin) 4:49
06. Good Gospel Music (Allen, Hill, Michlin) 5:44
07. Hear the Trumpets Calling (Allen, Hill) 2:46
08. Some Kind of Feelin' (Allen, Hill, Michlin) 4:43
09. I Got a Thing About You, Baby (White) 2:37
10. Sunshine Embrace (Allen) 2:53
11. Niggers in the Woods (Allen, Hill, Michlin) 2:03


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Past music is very valuable in my opinion, the most popular times of rock music. Thank you.

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