vendredi 15 décembre 2017

Legends From The Bay - Vol 1 - Featuring John Cipollina, Barry Melton, Jerry Garcia, Terry Dolan & Many Others....(Flac)

A collection of rarities with John Cipollina in almost all tracks (Vinyl rip)
Enjoy !!!

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maysie a dit…

I'm very grateful for this re-upload, thank you so much for fulfilling my request, I guess it's no coïncidence!Thanks again for all the fish'n chips!!!

Garage a dit…

I am greatly puzzled by the Area 615 track. Area 615 became famous in the UK by providing the opening music for the TV music programme "The Old Grey Whistle Test". An excellent tune called "Stone Fox Chase". Several members backed Dylan on "Blonde on Blonde" and some went on to become Barefoot Jerry. They are Nashville men.
No connection at all with the San Francisco scene. I can't imagine Garcia and his pals would use the same name. Is it a slip up in the sleeve notes? Did the people who made the compilation album screw up?

hanwaker a dit…

i think the bands name was 415 the then area code for the san francisco