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Earth Quake - Earth Quake & Why Don't You Try Me (1971-1972 west coast acid rock - 2003 Acadia edition - Flac)

Earth Quake was born out of the fertile Berkeley high school music scene (as were another of the band's eventual Beserkley labelmates, The Rubinoos). The band's lineup, as heard on both of these albums was John Doukas, Robbie Dunbar (older brother of the Rubinoos' Tommy Dunbar), Stan Miller and Steve Nelson. They honed their late '60s/early '70s rock at countless frat parties and free concerts in Provo Park (the latter being a pivotal venue that hosted numerous free Sunday shows), bridging the divide between late '60s jams, soul/R&B and tighter radio pop. They were equally adept at kicking out 9-minute guitar rockers as they were at catchy 3-minute pop and rock.
Hooking up with Matthew "King" Kaufman as their manager, they landed a deal with A&M and recorded a debut that had been practiced hundreds of times in endless gigs. The result is incredibly tight, both in the playing and singing, but with the sort of casualness born of familiarity. The album's nine tracks, all reproduced faithfully on this CD, show off both the band's chops, and the high quality of A&M's production team. The followup LP expanded slightly on the band's sound, with guests providing keyboards and horns that add a soulful edge (ala The Rascals) to a few cuts, but guitar-rock remained at the core.
The band's later albums on Beserkley are probably better known to most fans, but these two early issues are a great look at the band's original late '60s essence and the turn from the more elastic rock on the San Francisco scene into more concise forms. (By hyperbolium - Earth, USA) 

01. Tumbleweed
02. Distance Between
03. Summer Song
04. Things
05. Guarding You
06. Wind Keeps Blowing
07. Look Out Your Window
08. Blurry Eyes
09. Tickler
10. Bright Lights
11. Light Befre The Blindmans Eyes
12. I Get The Sweetest Feeling
13. Trainride
14. See What My Love Can Do
15. Why Dont You Try Me
16. Riding High On Love
17. Live And Let Live 

Robbie Dunbar - Guitar, Electric Piano ; Vocals
John Doukas - Vocals
Stan Miller - Bass ; Vocals
Steve Nelson - Drums ; Vocals

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winston smith a dit…

the earthquake link appears to be broken . tried the journey that seems fine thanks in advance rich

Woody a dit…

Fantastic west coast. Thank you very much.

GarColga a dit…

I remember seein these guys at the Fillmore West. It's A Beautiful Day were the headliners but most of the crowd left after Earthquake's set. They were pretty damn good.

12vjoe a dit…

Looks terrific - thanks!

Emilio Almeida a dit…

Great work of this great band! Dear Silverado, as a suggestion, I would like to see posted on his blog the discographies of the Good Rats and Home (London band of the seventies).
Emilio Almeida, straight from Brazil

draftervoi a dit…

"Tickler" went Top 40 on several California radio stations: it was #2 on KLIV in December 1971.

Agustin Haro a dit…

Thank you so much for this fantastic album! I want to share with all of you my last album "The Old Me". You can download it for free

draftervoi a dit…

"Tickler" got airplay in California. The radio surveys a ARSA show it as going Top 40 on KFXM, San Bernadino, #2 on KLIV San Jose, and #16 on KFRC San Francisco. I remember hearing it on the radio.

Anonyme a dit…

Please re-upload. Thanks in advance!