samedi 9 février 2019

Shangai Featuring Mick Green - Shangai & Fallen Heroes - (1974-1975 uk classic rock blended soul & Rock'n'roll - Vinyl rip - Wave audio format)

These two albums that are totally different from the rest of the career of guitarist Mick Green that was exceptional.
The first appeared in 1975 is a blend of soul music and various other influences that are far from the basics of rock'n'roll by Mick. This is in fact due to the musicians that surround Mick, especially the singer Chuck Bedford (Great soul singer), which is the main composer with Mick Green. An album full of fine superb compositions with bright guitars and vocals!!! The kind of album that should have been a total success!!!
The second see an almost complete change of personnel with the addition of fantastic singer Clif Bennett (Toe Fat) and guitarist Brian Alterman (Great slide guitarist). There are only Mick and Pete Kircher from the first album. The music is different, more focused rock'n'roll with the voice of Cliff (This proves the importance of the singers in these 2 discs) ... There is the classic "Shakin All Over" very successful but also more adventurous compositions as Let's Get The Hell or Nobody's Fool ... In short two gems never reissued on cd (Which is a shame when you see the number of bad reissued discs!)   

01- Hear It
02- Keep The Faith
03- Darling Come To me
04- Weekend Madness
05- Joy Joy Joy
06- Hobo
07- Sparks Of Time
08- If You Can't Live
09- Magic Lady
10- Loose As A Goose

Mick Green - Guitars
Chuck Bedford - Vocals Harmonica
Mike Demain - Bass, Keyboards
Pete Kircher - Drums, Vocals
Babara Bedford - Backing Vocals

Fallen Heroes
11- Fallen Heroes
12- Shakin' All Over
13- Lets Get The Hell Off This Highway
14- Nobodys Fool
15- Candy Eyes
16- Over The Wall
17- Solaris
18- Fallen Heroes Theme

Mick Green - Guitars
Cliff Benett - Vocals
Brian Alterman - Guitars
Speedy King - Bass
Pete Kircher - Drums, Vocals


8 commentaires:

Highlyrestrung a dit…

Hey another Shanghai fan I watched them live twice - with Cliff Bennett so assume it was 1975, small venue. Had a cup of tea with them after ! Just played the vinyl today - awesome organic rock sound.

Well done !

juan manuel muñoz a dit…

many thanks, friend

Steve (Liverpool) a dit…

Can't thank you enough. I was never able to get a decent copy at the time - every copy jumped horribly.

Sergey a dit…

Very nice band. thank you very much!

Unknown a dit…

Hi, tryin to find of Brian Alterman was in any other bands. Does anyone know?

Ferrari a dit…

Boa Tarde. Acabo de baixar os discos do Shangay e não consigo abri-los. Existe senha?

Unknown a dit…

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Compulsive Cybersurfer a dit…

dead link. please reupload,