jeudi 1 mai 2014

Stephen & The Farm Band - Up In Your Thing (1973 us psychedelic folk rock - vinyl rip - Wave)

Second album by the farm community also known as the Farm Band. From Tennessee, a perfect hippie combo that lies somewhere between the Grateful Dead and Jethro Tull, performing long psycho blues suites with flute and violin solos. Featuring the original artwork which a poster and inlay notes about the history of the community.

01. Think It Over 
02. This World 
03. Come On Back 
04. Sooner Or Later/ Pick It Up 
05. Hey Beatnik! 
06. Nice Ladies 
07. A Better Look 
08. Easy Does It


6 commentaires:

Laurent a dit…

I don't know why, but this Akarma reissue sounds much better than my original LP ( despite in mint condition, also with giant poster). All Farm Band albums are excellent and worth a listen (and much more). Thanks for sharing your collection, Silverado.
Best wishes 2013, with lot of underground albums to discover.

Sergey a dit…

thanks a lot!

60sKid a dit…

This album was recorded in a tent live to 2 track.

Norm a dit…

Lately, for reasons unknown to me, I have found it impossible to download anything using Netkups. Anyone else have a similar issue, and a solution? Thanks, Norm


@Norm, try the new link called "There"

osel a dit…

the files are corrupted!!!!