lundi 13 avril 2015

Larry Coryell - The Real Great Escape (1973 us great rock-jazz - vinyl rip - wave)

Ive been a fan of Larry Coryell since his LADY CORYELL release. This early seventies 'return to rock' album was met with little acclaim, but it is one of the most inspired guitar records of the 1970's. Larry plays things on Jimmy Webb's two compositions that rank with the finest playing by any electric guitarist ever. What sets this apart from other jazz guitar records (even his own), is that THE REAL GREAT ESCAPE sounds like an artist who has found his voice(literally and figuratively) and his youthful spirit. I really wish he would 'mine' more great songs in this way today. As great as he is, I cant help thinking he needs to mix it up more, like he did on this release...Afterall, he wrote the book.(By jaybo)

01. The Real Great Escape (7:37) 
02. Are You Too Clever (5:31) 
03. Love Life's Offering (3:27)
04. Makes Me Wanna Shout (5:25) 
05. All My Love's Laughter (4:27) 
06. Scotland II (5:05) 
07. P.F. Sloan (4:03) 

Larry Coryell : Guitar ARP Synthesizer & Vocals
Mike Mandel : Piano, ARP Synthesizer
Mervin Bronson : Bass
Harry Wilkenson : Drums
Steve Marcus : Tenor & Soprano Sax

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Tony a dit…

Fabulous! been looking for this one for ages. One of my favourite Coryell LPs. Thank You

Tony a dit…
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heeren a dit…

Truly one nof Larry Coryel's best albums. And that say a lot: all of his 70s output is of the highest class. On top of that a really brilliant vinyl rip.

Anonyme a dit…

Links are dead. Please repost.

LaCavernaMusical a dit…

Thanks dude!!!
See my blog

Anonyme a dit…

I have never heard this record, though I've seen it many times over the years. Thanks for the opportunity to finally hear it.


propylaen2001 a dit…

I'd greatly appreciate if you could re-upload this one.
Many thanks in advance.

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you.