mercredi 25 février 2015

Copperhead With John Cipollina - Studio Sessions (1970-72 us uncirculated sessions from master - Flac)

If you are a Cipollina's fan, what you find here and what
i share with you is something unique. I've put together some
conpletely uncirculated sessions from my personal masters starting 
from the really first attempt to form Copperhead to arrive to
some tracks from the never released second lp. This is something
i want to assemble together since a long time, and i never did
before, so now i finally did it, and if you are a dedicated John's
music fan, now you know that sometimes the dreams come true. (Fabio 38f) 

John Cipollina : Guitars & Vocals
Jim McPherson : Keyboards & Vocals
Gary Phillipet : Vocals & Guitar
James Hutchinson : Bass & Vocals
David Weber : Drums & Percussion

7 commentaires:

kobilica a dit…

This is awesome.I never even dream of this.Many thanks...

DoKtor Alphonzo a dit…
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DoKtor Alphonzo a dit…

Brilliant! What a find! Many thanks for this generous share & post
best wishes

john a dit…

What a treasure for us John Cipollina Fans. Thanks for all the work you've done.

Sergey a dit…

thank you very much!

Anonyme a dit…

..Many thanks for your efforts, such great music! Cheers Beega

DevantF a dit…

I am just discovering COPPERHEAD, not knowing Copollina was on this band, I am so happy, Now I have to search the album, thanks a lot