Monday, October 6, 2014

Plan 9 - I’ve Just Killed A Man And I Don’t Want To See Any Meat - Live (1985 Us neo-psychedelic rock - Vinyl Rip - Wave)

01- Intro Poem By Kenne Highland (Rat Club, Boston)
02- Dealing With The Dead (Rat Club)
03- I'm Gone (Rat Club)
04- Gotta Move (9:30 Club, Wash D.C.)
05- I Like Girls (Grotto, New Haven)
06- Step Out Of Time (Rat Club)
07- Looking At You (Living Room, Prov. RI.)
08- B-3-11 (Rat Club)
09- Try To Run (Grotto)
10- I Can Only Give You Everything (Rat Club, Boston)



ozrock said...

Hi Silverado, can you repost this wonderful gem? Thank you very much! Ugo

ozrock said...

Hi Silverado, really thanks! You were faster than light! If you are interested in lossless vinyl rip of Plan 9 I'd love to have your e-mail address. Ugo. My e-mail I think you see it.

Baard Ole said...