lundi 6 octobre 2014

Plan 9 - I’ve Just Killed A Man And I Don’t Want To See Any Meat - Live (1985 Us neo-psychedelic rock - Vinyl Rip - Wave)

01- Intro Poem By Kenne Highland (Rat Club, Boston)
02- Dealing With The Dead (Rat Club)
03- I'm Gone (Rat Club)
04- Gotta Move (9:30 Club, Wash D.C.)
05- I Like Girls (Grotto, New Haven)
06- Step Out Of Time (Rat Club)
07- Looking At You (Living Room, Prov. RI.)
08- B-3-11 (Rat Club)
09- Try To Run (Grotto)
10- I Can Only Give You Everything (Rat Club, Boston)


3 commentaires:

ozrock a dit…

Hi Silverado, can you repost this wonderful gem? Thank you very much! Ugo

ozrock a dit…

Hi Silverado, really thanks! You were faster than light! If you are interested in lossless vinyl rip of Plan 9 I'd love to have your e-mail address. Ugo. My e-mail I think you see it.

Baard Ole a dit…